10 Signs You Don’t Live in a Christian Nation

1. Your nation treats aliens as dangerous offenders who must be removed and not vulnerable people who must be protected.

2. Your nation’s religious people stand at the border saying that their god wants people to stay out.

3. Your nation has some people who are super-rich and some people who sleep in the streets.

4. Your nation spends at least four times as much money on its military as it would take to solve world poverty. Also, it doesn’t solve world poverty.

5. Your nation has a special rule protecting the rights of its citizens to have guns.

6. A contingency of people in your nation loudly insist the rule protecting guns is sacred – and many of these people are religious.

7. Your nation’s religious leaders suggest killing someone as a viable option.

8. Your nation keeps people they don’t trust in isolation camps, and sometimes in prison camps. For years. Even if they’re known to be innocent.

9. Your nation tortures people because they might know something that could prevent a hypothetical attack.

10. Your nation’s religious leaders treat II Chronicles 7:14 as though it means that if religious people in your nation pray and stop breaking made-up rules, then all the gays and abortions will go away – and they think those are the two biggest problems.

David M Schell About David M Schell
David M. Schell is a doubter, a believer, and a skeptic. He writes about God and stuff. He is happily married to Kristen, and that's why his posts don't come out as often or as angry.