About David Schell

Hi! My name is David. I’m a progressive Christian blogger and storyteller. I’m also a theology nerd, which is why I’m a student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

I grew up Fundismatic: I spent most of my childhood in Christian Fundamentalist churches, but spent a few years in a charismatic megachurch and a few more in non-denominational churches.

I quit a computer repair job to work on the ropes course of a United Methodist camp in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Until I married my wife, it ranked as the best decision I have ever made.

Then I went off to college to learn how to make Good Christian Movies™. I mostly learned that rather than having problems that needed fixing, Christian movies were the problem that needed fixing.

I took classes on Christianity. They relieved me of my impression that I knew everything there was to know about it. I also took classes on sociology, psychology, western civilization, the Old Testament, and philosophy. These classes relieved me of my impression that I knew jack about anything.

If you wanna talk, tweet me @davidmschell on Twitter, find me at facebook.com/davidmschell, leave a comment after the contact form, or send me a message with the form below.