I spend a fair amount of time writing this blog. I enjoy it, but I’ve always thought, “It’d be cool to make money writing.” So far, my Amazon links have scored me a whopping $12. I’ve been posting Amazon links since 2009. Last time a post I wrote went viral, I was kicking myself for not having any monetization in place. So now I do.

I’ve tried not to make the ads super-obtrusive by jamming them at the top of the page or in the middle of posts because I know you come for my words, not adwords. I may make them more in-your-face later, but for right now I want to keep them as un-annoying as possible and see what happens.

Also, I visited the adsense settings to make sure I don’t have any ads that are too ridiculous. You shouldn’t see any ads for porn or about “one weird trick” to lose weight or gain money.

Oh. And those Amazon links on the left are to books I really like. If you buy a book using those links, I think Amazon gives me like 50¢. So if 50,000 of you bought books that I recommend every year, that’d be pretty cool, and I might be able to eke out a living.

Thanks for understanding. Peace.

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