Lord, search me through and through
See the sin i hide from me and You
And make it clean; cleanse my heart.

Clean this house,
the smaller idols
and the bigger ones.

Medicine bites, wound cleaning stings
With hesitation, fearfully i
request that You remove
the splinters of sin
from this heart You first made holy.

Let the blood of Jesus wash me,
Let me not take it lightly. Continue reading “Communion”

Untitled Poem (Glorious Unfair Trade-Off)

I found this in a box… and thought I’d post it. I wrote it just after going through Numbers and Leviticus sometime last spring and being astounded by the holiness of God.

Crucified for unholiness
the blood of God
running down a cross
the master died
for all of us
sinful enough
that we deserved to die
the holiness that consumed
the lives of those
who didn’t treat Him holy
now hung on a cross in agony
and for our sins
the love of God, in Holy light
adopted sons and daughters, in loving might
holy for unholy,
unholy for holy
a glorious unfair trade-off
where blazing holy
took on dark unholy
and our unholy
took on holy!

Reflections on the Holocaust

Not for the weak of stomach. Exit while you can. Written on a sheet of notebook paper and transcribed.

I’m sitting outside of chapel, They’re doing praise and worship inside, and I can’t go in. Not yet.

We just watched a holocaust video. For the first time, I cried over it. The inhumanity. This must have been what YHVH saw when He sent the flood. I can’t go into chapel. I need to process this.

God, You let the human race go on? After such inhumane, abominable atrocities? There are no words, no adjectives, to adequately describe the horror, the revolting… the camera pointed at a corpse on a man’s shoulders… and stayed on him, and so many others. To run the camera, and not point it away because the world needs to see it. Why? I don’t really even know. Because it’s true. Because it’s terrible. You want to cry out “NEVER AGAIN,” but it has ALREADY happened again. And somewhere in the world, it is probably happening now.

Thousands of dead
starved beyond recognition as humanity
tossed – unceremonious – into mass graves
calloused guards, uncaring citizens
bulldozers, and a sign:
__“Grave No. 3, No: 5000” on the grave.
Typhus, lice, starvation
Blood crying out from the ground
__Am I my brother’s keeper?
Human skin, cut off, and used
__as lampshades.
This is what Elie Wiesel saw.

Beware of lies that poison the soul
calling any less than human.
Auschwitz’ sign, a stark bleak warning:
“Do not repeat this desolation.”

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Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Through the winds and raging sea
My heart’s compass circles round
Looking for where love is found.

I was journaling about some stuff about a month and a half ago, and the phrase “Jesus, Savior, pilot me” crossed through my head. I wrote these words as a prayer and in an attempt to capture how I was feeling at the moment. Any similarities between this song and the 1871 original by Edward Hopper are probably caused by the fact that they have the same first line and carry the same general idea.

February 7, 2010
Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Through the winds and raging sea
My heart’s compass circles round
Looking for where love is found.

My ship sets sail for anywhere
Then turns away and goes not there
While I, alone, on raging sea
Pray for land, or at least to be
Sure of something now, at last
Besides the water’s icy blast.

Let my heart sail sure and true,
Ever, only, all for You
And when I in the doldrums lie
With leveled waves and frozen sky
Help me find the needle’s eye
All of life’s a raging sea,
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

Walking Fast to Get to Nowhere

This is original; I didn’t get it from anyone else. The words and ideas are mine alone… so far. 🙂

I met a stranger here today
I did not know his name;
We smiled politely at each other
He nodded, and I waved.

And as we passed we cordially
inquired how the other fared.
We both replied in the positive
But neither really cared.

I met a friend upon the walk
I think I knew his name
We smiled kindly at each other,
I smiled, and he waved.

As we passed we cordially
inquired how the other fared.
We both replied in the positive
But wondered if the other cared.

I talked to God a bit today
I mumbled out His name.
I gave Him a passing nod,
And kept walking just the same.

As He passed he seriously
inquired how I fared;
I replied in the negative
Because I knew He cared.

I’ll pass many friends and strangers more
Before I end this day
We’ll give each other passing nods,
And smile, then, or wave.

And as we pass, we’ll cordially
inquire how the other fares.
We’ll both reply in the positive
But wonder if the other cares.