• Running Errands for the Devil

    When I was 21, I got swept away by the love and goodness of God. I felt that God loved me and I was undone and swept into a kind of alive faith that was all about the love of God and that was super reckless because I was ready to do whatever God wanted.…

  • The Maps Are Wrong:

    Five Things You Need to Know to Guide Someone Else’s Deconstruction Journey. Step 1: Don’t.

  • Should Joe Biden Get Communion?

    I don’t think it’s right to jump to “yes” immediately. I think it’s right to land there eventually, but I have serious concerns about jumping directly to “yes.”

  • The Cucumbers, the Melons, and the Leeks

    Maybe the spiritual exile of former evangelicals and fundamentalists isn’t an exile at all. Maybe it’s an exodus… and Jesus is the Promised Land.

  • put away the gods

    I’ve been living in this truth for the past few months and I wanted to share it with you.

  • The City: A Short Story

    The other night I got a picture in my head of a man, staring at a shining city in disgust.

  • Why Are Conservatives Obsessed with Pedophilia Right Now? (Fall 2020)

    EDIT 4/24/2022: This article from Religion Dispatches, I believe, offers a much more compelling explanation for the current (and very weird) wave of right-wingers referring to anyone who acknowledges that same-sex couples exist as a “groomer.” I thought it made sense when I saw a comment pending on this post this morning from “a legal…

  • Why I Rewrote (mangled?) “Trust and Obey”

    Now I feel like a recipe blogger, making you read all this to get to what you probably came here for – lyrics and sheet music of the rewrite. If that’s what you’re after, click here. “Trust and Obey” is a classic hymn. It has a very catchy tune, and it’s filled with truisms that…

  • Should Men Preach?

    In which John MacArthur’s comments about Beth Moore receive exactly as much serious consideration as they deserve.

  • John Cooper of Skillet and Faithful Apostasy

    I’ve been thinking all day about that facebook post by John Cooper from the band “Skillet,” and the approving blog post that quoted it, titled “Skillet’s John Cooper on Apostasy Among Young Christian Leaders,” referring to comments by Joshua Harris of I Kissed Dating Goodbye fame, and Hillsong singer Marty Sampson. My first reaction when…