Why Must God Be Great?

The world is big
and scary
and filled with things
that we can’t

We are small
and weak
and at the end of the day
scared of things
that we can’t

Worship is our exit.
We have to believe
that good will conquer evil
that somehow in the end,
we will be

Our songs of praise
of the greatness of our deity
are just as much for us
as for our deity.
We need our God to be great.
And not just great, the

Even after Jesus
we look for a God
who gives us an exit
from pain and suffering
surrounds us
with a hedge of protection
a wall of fire about us.

A God who protects us from
the fiery furnace
the lion’s mouths
our enemies
We’re terrified
that he might let us go through
the worst.


This is the power of God

Maker of heaven and earth
most often
steadfastly refuses divine intervention
when we need it most.

Leaves us with just resurrection
words of kindness
occasional parking spaces
money in an envelope
when we need it most
mini miracles
signs, not proofs
Not the sort of things God would do
if he really existed.

God engages in
a steadfast refusal to be
the God us doubters
wish for

while the certain sing their songs
of how that’s exactly who he is
and make excuses for why
God doesn’t
step into our sky blue
and say that’s quite enough.

David M Schell About David M Schell
I am a doubter and a believer. I have a Master's in Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, but because faith grows and changes, I don't necessarily stand by everything I've ever written, so if you see something troubling further back, please ask! Read More.

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