a thousanD anD onE reasonS tO believE . 3

.gracE | reason threE
.grace workS
.what philiP yanceY calls thE mosT unnaturaL acT
seems to be
the only way
the world has a shot
at being saveD
from tit|for|tat
the blaze of unforgivenesS
jesuS knew something about the world
that we don’T
.maybe hE was a mystic
or someone crazy
or someone crazy wisE
but grace works
and we believed it
because we believed that jesuS
was a goD
.and we believed it
because we believe that jesuS
is goD

.because i remember, i doubt
because i remember ,i have a duty to faith in chrisT
i remember the stories
i wrestle with the questions
even as i struggle to invent
a thousand and one reasons to hope
a thousand and one reasons to believE

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