a thousanD anD onE reasonS tO believE . 4

.incarnatioN | reason fouR
.olD testamenT goD smiting everybodY
.violence and killing babies and slaying people
for looking into the arK of the covenanT
.then a lulL
.not a whimper from goD
.and then
a whimpeR
.more like a crY

.thoR smiteS
.zeuS hurls lightning
.godS reign

demand servitude
worship and adoration
sacrifice and sucH
.jesuS comes
born a baby
in the maintenance closet
of the hotel parking garage
to illegal immigrants
from a trailer park
who can,t afford a hotel rooM

.on purposE

.how ironiC
.how anti|climactiC
.when we invent gods’
gods with tiny hands
born in straw
visited by pimply kids
who work at the local mCdonaldS

…are not the kinds of gods we invenT

.because i remember, i doubt
because i remember ,i have a duty to faith in chrisT
i remember the stories
i wrestle with the questions
even as i struggle to invent
a thousand and one reasons to hope
a thousand and one reasons to believE

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