a thousanD anD onE reasonS tO believE . 5

.hopE | reason fivE
.jesuS was right about everythinG
.we keep thinking that
somehow if we kill our enemies
or silence them
then evil will go away
when in reality
the problem isn’t them
or us
– it,s in both of us
in all of uS
.it’s the killinG
.the hatreD
.the violencE

.without jesuS, there’s no hope
for the worlD

.maybe i need to realizE
that i haven’t learned
to love my enemieS
.I’ve just changed
who,s on the lisT
.my hope involveS
Jesus saving everybody
and not just
the people
i think
are sinnerS

.because i believe, i doubt
because i hope,i have a duty to faith in chrisT
i remember the stories
i wrestle with the questions
even as i struggle to invent
a thousand and one reasons to hope
a thousand and one reasons to believE

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  1. […] it is critical for all of us to recognize our involvement in violence. My friend David Schell just posted a nice piece on this over at his blog. He reminds us that we are both the problem–we are both […]

  2. Battynurse Avatar

    Wow. Fabulous post.

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