Black Dot on a White Sheet of Paper: A project


Black Dot on a White Sheet of Paper.

One dot.
Much white.
Says little
Much to be said.

The black dot is us.
The white is the universe.
The black dot is us.
The white is God.

Not the center of the universe
Not even its own.
Black dot.
White sheet of paper.

You hardly notice it
But you can’t help it.
There it is.
Different from everything around it.
Like you.

The white is us.

The black dot is God.
Orienting us.
Telling us where we are.
Nothing interesting except where we are in relation.
Black dot.
White sheet of paper.

The black dot is our sins
Blemishing us
Marking us
Defining us.

The black dot is the good we do.
Hardly any, compared to the massive uninterestingness
with which we live
our lives.

The white is goodness –

The black dot is the one thing we do wrong
and the first thing anyone notices about us.

We think we’re the black dot
swimming in the sea of white
and everyone else sees themselves
as that same black dot.

The picture is a lie.
There are black dots everywhere.
But it’s the truth we tell
We are the
Black dot
on a white sheet of paper.

White is emptiness
the flow in which we live our lives
searching, often vainly
for the black dot of purpose.
It is small.
Easily passed by.

White is fullness.
Black, that one black dot, is the emptiness we find ourselves in
Surrounded by others
living their dreams.

Truth is the black dot.
White is the lies that are
the truth we think we know.

White is the truth
The vast, unknown truth
Black is too big for what we know.

It’s a Rorschach test for creative minds
a black dot
on a white sheet of paper.

My words are the black dot
yours, the white paper.
My words are the white paper
yours, now, as small as the one black dot.
Fill my canvas with your dots.
Make my drawing lie.

Write your words in the form below.
What does it mean to you?
What, to you, is this white dot
on a blank sheet of paper?

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One response to “Black Dot on a White Sheet of Paper: A project”

  1. alexhillberry Avatar

    If you focus less on being a black dot,
    it seems to disappear.
    Are you paying attention to who you really are?
    Is the dot really why you are here?

    My life as a dot
    Has started really small.
    But when I stopped living for a Dot
    God – my sea of white – became my ALL.

    If the Dot is Jesus,
    I can hear him say
    “I AM, my son”
    I am my son.

    Be Jesus
    Be you
    Be a Sea of White
    Be a black dot.

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