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  • A Book about a God who looks like Jesus

      When I got to review André Rabe’s fantastic book Desire Found Me, it gave me new respect for the Bible. I saw scripture with new eyes. A More Christlike God, by Brad Jersak, is doing something different. I’m coming up against a hard deadline here so I reluctantly admit that I won’t have time to read…

  • Father Dark: A Book Review

    This book was pretty intense. Steven L. Case’s writing style suggested to me how Frank Peretti might write if Frank Peretti was actually any good. For a Christian book, it was pretty edgy, and I liked that. But I don’t think I’m the right audience for it. 

  • The Bible Tells Me So: A Book Review

    The Bible Tells Me So: A Book Review

    I can’t really pinpoint the first time I heard of Peter Enns. It might’ve been when I saw his book The Evolution of Adam in my Old Testament professor’s office and thought it looked like the coolest book ever. I still haven’t managed to get hold of a copy, but I will. Oh, I will. Or…

  • Book Review: Cosmos Reborn, by John Crowder

    Book Review: Cosmos Reborn, by John Crowder

    I’m pretty sure that if I died and came back as somebody else, I would come back as John Crowder. The fine folks at The Speakeasy sent me another book to review, which is fabulous, because I love books. I hope they’ll forgive me for the lateness of this post because the book took a…