Hope (By Keifer Lucchi)

My friend Keifer Lucchi posted this. I thought it was pretty good and that you should read it.

Hope isn’t safe. In fact, Hope may be one of the most dangerous things of all. When you Hope you allow yourself to be vulnerable, and when that hope comes crashing to the ground, your heart is smashed along with it, and left broken. Like Humpty Dumpty, all the kings horses and all the kings men can’t put it back together. You’re left alone, and stranded, with no idea where to go from there.

However, as it is with many things in this world, those which pose the most danger tend also the most valuable– the most precious. When Hope is founded in truth and you see it fulfilled to the end, it gives you wings to fly– to soar like an eagle through the darkest of nights, even when the rain pours and both fierce gales and bolts of lighting threaten to knock you out of the sky. Well founded hope gives birth to even greater virtues, such faith, and love– two of the only things that may be even more dangerous– and even more beautiful.

Be careful what you put your Hope in, for what you Hope in defines who you are, and when that Hope reaches fruition it can either kill you, or raise you above the clouds, and into the very stars themselves. It can take you through galaxies and supernovas– to far off planets and places you’ve never dreamed. And in the end, it’ll bring you safely home again to rest. Oh yes, Hope is a dangerous thing. But it’s worth it. Or so I hope.

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    Nice work! Good stuff. : >

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