I Don’t Pledge Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance with a flag and an eagle.

Many people who refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United states of America do so because the pledge references God and they don’t believe in God. Many religious people have fought to keep “under God” in the pledge of allegiance to a flag and a republic, which I find ironic.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that spends more money on prisons than on education.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that performs drone strikes on innocent civilians in an ironically-named War on Terror.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag of a country whose land was taken for a pittance from natives who didn’t know what they were doing.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the republic for which it stands that incarcerates people for the offense of entering said republic without permission and then makes gaining said permission nigh unto impossible.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that sentences people who expose its evils to thirty-five years in prison.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the republic whose second amendment is formed upon the premise that good can overcome evil given superior firepower.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the republic that fights to make sure everyone can access guns but could care less whether everyone can access affordable healthcare.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the republic that gets most of its clothing and chocolates from countries whose leaders could care less about underpaid or slave labor.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the republic that bails out banks and then helps those banks to kick families out of their homes.

I mean, sure, it’s great here. I love the rights and privileges I have as a citizen of the USA. But America doesn’t get my allegiance. My allegiance belongs elsewhere.

I have no issues with the idea that the USA is one nation under God. In that sense, every nation is under God. And I really love that idea of Liberty and Justice for All. I just wish that nation under God would actually offer liberty and justice for all, not just those who are rich or talented enough to afford it.

My issue is with the fact that there are children who don’t understand what they’re doing pledging allegiance to America.

My allegiance lies with a king and a kingdom:

A King known as the prince of peace.

A king who compels but never forces.

A king whose true kingdom has never harmed a soul.

A king who rules everywhere but evicts no one.

A kingdom that has no borders and an immigration policy that welcomes everyone.

A kingdom whose foreign policy is love and overcoming evil with good.

A king who overcame evil by allowing himself to be destroyed by evil.

A king who told his disciple to put away his sword.

A king who cares about everyone.

A kingdom with no homeland and therefore no need for homeland security.

A king who is obscenely generous.

My allegiance may be to that kingdom, but sometimes I seek shelter in superior firepower. Sometimes I have forced and harmed others. I am tempted by the sword and God knows I’m tight with money.

America, you have nothing to fear from me. What I believe will never be a threat to you unless you need me to fight for you. Because if that time ever comes, my allegiance to another kingdom will have a conflict. My allegiance to another king will prevent me from killing your enemies.

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4 responses to “I Don’t Pledge Allegiance”

  1. Benjamin Avatar

    In what sense does fighting for the defense of a country conflict with allegiance to God? Do you mean our country in particular because of its particular sins, or do you mean fighting as such?

  2. klucchi Avatar

    it’s more the fact that they are two completely separate and opposite entities entirely. You can’t have a “Christian Nation”. You have the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of the World. America is part of the Kingdom of the World. Just saying. (Yes David… I’m totally stealing this from Greg Boyd)

    As Christians I think we have NO RIGHT to pledge allegiance to the kingdom of the world in whatever shape it puts itself in. Our allegiance should be ONLY to God.

    In a way it does come into conflict I think because the Kingdom of the World only preaches power-over authority. The Kingdom of God teaches power UNDER authority. Servant leadership.

    I don’t think war of any type can be justified by a Savior who said to “love your enemies”. Are there exceptions to this? Probably… but patriotism isn’t probably one of them. (at least in my opinion) I’m not saying don’t love our country… but that country shouldn’t have our undying allegiance. Only God should.

  3. Malik Avatar

    Other countries honor their flags; the USA takes it t the level of idolatrous flag-worship. That, for me, violates the 1st Commandment

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