Lies Against God : Jerry

When Samantha travelled north to visit her sister Taylor, she didn’t bother wearing long sleeves to hide the bruises. Taylor asked about them, and Samantha said they came from her husband Jerry. Taylor looked a little worried, but Sam assured her that Jerry knew what was best for her and that, though the hurt had come from his own hands, he had done it for her own good.

“He knows I don’t love him very well, so sometimes he punishes me when I look at other men. Sometimes he ties me up in the basement. I grew to love him so much more while I was there.”

“That’s terrible!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Oh, no,” said Samantha. “He does it because he loves me. He’s a jealous husband. I remember the time that he smashed my car windshield in with a sledgehammer because he thought I liked it more than I liked him. He did the right thing, of course. I really did have too much of an attachment to that vehicle.”

Taylor was silent, so Samantha continued. “One time he even broke my leg because he thought I was enjoying running more than I enjoyed being with him.

Taylor called the police.

“To say on the authority of the Bible that God does a thing no honourable man would do, is to lie against God; to say that it is therefore right, is to lie against the very spirit of God. To uphold a lie for God’s sake is to be against God, not for him. God cannot be lied for.” -George MacDonald, “Justice

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  1. Hazel May Lebrun Avatar

    May this lie be exposed and evicted from the vocabulary of every believer. It is one of the most heinous of deceptions, shrouded in apparent spirituality.

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