The Greatness of the Smallness of God

All the Christian songs proclaim
the greatness of our God
and all the songs
of all the worshippers
of all the other gods
likewise proclaim, like us
the greatness of their god.

Any old imagined god
might have created the universe,
the stars,
the milky way,
and everything else their science
can discover.

All would worship a great God
But who would dare believe
that God is small?
Who would be the heretic who’d say
the hands that built the universe
were once nailed to a cross?

All cry out in wonder at
the splendor of a king
clothed in majesty
but wonder’s not the common cry
at a king that’s clothed in nothing.
Though maybe it should be.

The irony of saying
that time is in the hands
of him whose hands are nailed to a cross
whose time has come
or the end has come
for him who is the end.

Or worse: one of the three-in-one
members of the God-head
feels abandoned by another
The lion nailed to a cross
looks like
a sacrificial lamb.

Behold, ye great ones
look on, ye wise
for though the heavens
declare his glory
they only tells us
half the story

We do not worship
like the rest
A God who’s strength
proves he is best
But we instead proclaim
the greatness
of the smallness of God.

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