Top Ten Benefits of NOT being single on Valentine’s Day

Last year, I wrote about the Top Ten Benefits to Being Single on Valentine’s Day. This year, I don’t need that list, though it would seem from my search statistics that there are some who still do…

I thought it’d be fun to review the list from last year with this year’s perspective. If you’re looking for consolation, this is not the place for you. Go to the link above. NOW.

Number 10. I’m not really worried about being dumped on the day after Valentine’s Day. Or Valentine’s Day, which apparently is a more popular dumping day.

Number 9. My significant other has some pretty amazing eyes. And we have yet to fall into a Bermudan Liger Trap.

Number 8. If the good Lord had intended for men to forget special days, He wouldn’t have put calendars on our phones.

Number 7. I still can’t dress up real nice and take my girlfriend to a nice restaurant. Fail. The reason this year is that I’m in a different state, but the not-going-out-to-dinner is still as lame as it was last year. Except that last year I tried to enjoy it.

Number 6. Why talk about how lame girls are? Girls are pretty cool. Especially one girl in particular. (Yes, the girl in the picture).

Number 5. I would never buy my girlfriend a Gus the Trout Valentine’s day card. EVER. Do they even make those?

Number 4. I hope I haven’t overdone things. Oh well. Who cares?

Number 3. I bought candy for my girlfriend, not for me. And that was a lot more fun.

Number 2. My girlfriend doesn’t like Twilight. Score. But now that I’m not single, I have a much wider range of movies I can justify watching…

1. The relationship of my dreams by next valentine’s day? Maybe a relationship isn’t as important as the person you’re in it with…

I like you, Kristen.

To all my friends whose facebook status says “In a relationship,” I love you and I’m so happy for you.

To all my single friends, I love you, and keep it real. Forgive me if this seems like gloating. I’m just being thankful… ‘Cause God is awesome and this Valentine’s day He’s given me a beautiful wonderful girlfriend. Thanks, Dad.

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2 responses to “Top Ten Benefits of NOT being single on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Kristen Marie Avatar
    Kristen Marie

    LOL. This made me giggle! 🙂 Nice comeback!

  2. Jaye Avatar

    Lesson:Be sensitive to those who ache for love and have not yet found the answer, AND be gracious to those who have and are excited about it – you would be, too if it was you. No pity parties if you don’t get a Valentine, just keep working on accepting God’s love and loving yourself in healthy ways and sharing that love with others. You will connect with others in deep, satisfying ways if you are open to whatever God sends you at the time. His timing is perfect, His love is perfect, and makes up for all the imperfections of our human love. Hint:Even when you are in love, married life and love are not perfect, so don’t use singleness as an excuse to be unhappy.

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