I posted this to my Intro to DMA blog back in Fall 2009. I felt like it needed to be reposted here… 🙂

Have you ever noticed that in some films there is a message, intentional or unintentional, that value is dependent upon certain things? For instance…

You’re valuable…

  • if you’re beautiful (think every Disney Princess movie)
  • if you’re strong
  • if you’re clever (MacGyver. etc.)
  • if you become famous
  • if you succeed
  • if you get married or get in a relationship

But then there are other movies where you absolutely fall in love with the people and they are valuable whether they succeed or not, though they may not be beautiful, clever, famous, successful, married, or even in a relationship. Their value doesn’t come from them HAVING something. It comes from them BEING something.

And in a sense, I feel like a lot of Christian-esque films are even MORE guilty of making “you’re valuable IF” statements than “world-esque.” We just have a different list.

You’re only valuable…

  • if you become a Christian (preferably before the rapture, but after is okay – though not advisable!)
  • if you repent
  • if you re-dedicate your life to God
  • if you surrender your life to God
  • if you become a pastor
  • if you save sex for marriage
  • if you “dare to be a Daniel” and don’t do all the things on the religious peoples’ don’t-do-this list.

It seems like our stories say even more often than theirs “You’re valuable if,” and our list is a lot harder to fulfill. Some people are born beautiful, or clever, or famous. Nobody is born repentant, with their life re-dedicated, or a pastor. We admire people who do hard things, sure, but that is not where their value comes from. And it seems like very few people, and especially few people on our team, are saying that!

It’s not “You are valuable if…”
It’s “You are valuable. Period.”

Christians more than anyone should know this. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That doesn’t sound like we could become more valuable to God by repenting. (Happier, I think, but not more valuable). God wants you. He longs for a relationship with you. You don’t become more valuable by accepting His love. You may FEEL more valuable, but He’s absolutely crazy about you anyway!

I don’t know how I can say this better, but I’m passionate about this.

You are valuable, period.

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