Lord, search me through and through
See the sin i hide from me and You
And make it clean; cleanse my heart.

Clean this house,
the smaller idols
and the bigger ones.

Medicine bites, wound cleaning stings
With hesitation, fearfully i
request that You remove
the splinters of sin
from this heart You first made holy.

Let the blood of Jesus wash me,
Let me not take it lightly.


Nothing in my hands i bring,
Simply to Your cross i cling.

And my eyes are opened
i look into the eyes of those returning
from eating Your body
and drinking Your blood
and we are leveled in my sight.

For a solitary moment
we find
that all have sinned
and fallen short of Your glory

and are freely justified by Your grace
through redemption
that’s found in Jesus.

And we remember
and for a moment
we are one.

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2 responses to “Communion”

  1. Kristen Avatar

    Good post!
    “Simply to Your cross i cling.” <–my favorite line.

  2. DaveSchell Avatar

    I stole it from the hymn “Rock of Ages” haha.

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