i come still broken and a bit confused
How many times does the road we’re on
wander through the valley of the shadow of death?
Can we trust You to give us less
than trials and tribulations?
You only promised You’d be with us,
not that where you’d be with us
wouldn’t be hell.

I used to think that being with You
would always be heaven
even if it was in hell
but it seems the times we need You most
You seem so far away
and it’s only later,
when life seems better,
that we know You carried us
that You were there the whole time

almost like You
inserted Yourself
after the fact.

Why do You love us enough
to let us do things You know will hurt us?
I sometimes wish I could trust You
for a lesser love.

I find You not to be safe
but good
though I wish I could find You safe.

But You insist on surgery
to remove our idols
when we insist upon
keeping them
because You really do love us after all
and because You want us
all of us

So do the ends justify Your means?
Do You care about the ways You lead us
and abolish those things we hurt ourselves with?
or just the doing?

Lord, have mercy
let me not go
to places where i will hurt myself

and yet I thank You for the pain
that leads my broken cries
to You.

O for a way to You not covered by thorns
Come rescue me.

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