Untitled Poem (Glorious Unfair Trade-Off)

I found this in a box… and thought I’d post it. I wrote it just after going through Numbers and Leviticus sometime last spring and being astounded by the holiness of God.

Crucified for unholiness
the blood of God
running down a cross
the master died
for all of us
sinful enough
that we deserved to die
the holiness that consumed
the lives of those
who didn’t treat Him holy
now hung on a cross in agony
and for our sins
the love of God, in Holy light
adopted sons and daughters, in loving might
holy for unholy,
unholy for holy
a glorious unfair trade-off
where blazing holy
took on dark unholy
and our unholy
took on holy!

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One response to “Untitled Poem (Glorious Unfair Trade-Off)”

  1. Jaye Avatar

    Way awesome!!!! love it!!!

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